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Ativo provides compact devices that fit behind your switchboard. This WiFi based device allows you to automate all your appliances - Lights, Fans, AC, Oven, or any other appliance through your phone. And the best part is that you can operate these switches from anywhere, whether it is your room or another continent, all you need is the Internet.


Our device is designed in 4, 6, and 8 switches for ultimate result. It is best suitable for schools, hospitals, corporate offices, and home where you can save electricity by easily turning ON and OFF any switches from anywhere.

Also, you can check the status of each switch from our notification page and customize alerts as per your need.


WHY Ativo?

Our electrician personally installs all the devices at your place without rewiring or changing your interiors. Along with the quick installation, you get a year of warranty on all our devices.

Moreover, you can customize your switches as per your room’s requirement. So, if there are two ACs in your office room, we can design a switchboard that is suitable for that room.

How It Works

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Smart Home Automation

Shine at every step. Our motion sensors detect your presence and automatically turns ON the lights as you enter.


Alexa, Turn Off The Living Room Lights

Ask Alexa to turn ON and OFF the switch in a particular room or simply turn OFF all the appliances in your home.


Ok Google, Turn On The A.C. Please

Our device is also integrated with Google Home, so you just voice your request and Google Assistant quietly obeys your A.C. switching.

I Mean Isn't It Possible?

Ativo allows you to observe and operate all your devices from a single interface. You have left for work and while listening to songs on the way you wonder, “Did I forgot to turn OFF my geyser?” Well, with Ativo you can easily check the geyser switch in your Ativo app and worry about something else!

Also, you can schedule your alarms for your lights and other devices. Often times employees forgot to turn OFF the lights and AC while leaving and that one night of electricity just adds up to the never ending electricity bill! But now, you can conveniently schedule alarms that will turn OFF all or selected devices at the closing time.

Easy peasy, right? We have more to offer! Our motion sensors turn ON the lights as soon as anyone enters the room. Now you can use this free time to scroll more on Instagram and Twitter, and while you are there, don’t forget to follow us as well!

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What People Say About Us

Ativo is a start-up in Ahmedabad, Gujarat which works with the aim of enhancing your day to day lifestyle by delivering a simpler, smarter, and a more convenient automation experience.